IMG_4572Michelle Junot was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana where she learned important skills like cajun dancing, crawfish peeling, and reading. She now lives with her six plants in Baltimore, Maryland where she writes and drinks unsafe amounts of coffee.

She is the author of and the floor was always lava, a collection of essays and the blogging series Translating Twenty-Five, and she is the Creative Editor of Writers & Words.

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Reminiscent of The Butterfly Effect, a film in which Ashton Kutcher transports himself back in time by reading passages about his childhood, Junot’s book provides a similar portal for discovery.

As a memoirist, Junot has a unique gift, the ability to seamlessly write from the perspective of childhood innocence while including mature, adult insights.

–Dustin Fisher, author of Daddy Issues
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Michelle Junot beautifully articulates the joy and sadness of being a child. On the surface, “and the floor was always lava” is a coming-of-age story, but to label it as simply that feels disingenuous. Yes, the pieces in this collection do relate the story of a girl growing up in an ever changing world (and home), but more than this, it is the story of childhood. Reading these essays, one can’t help but to see themselves pushing through a world that is wonderful, and at times, confusing. Junot delves into those universal moments that everyone growing up experiences, yet she does it with a style and voice all her own–and it is a a wonderful stye and voice.

–Ian Anderson, author of These Things Do Happen