I was walking down the street the other day–because I do that–and I got the giggles (because I do that too). I don’t mean to say my giggles were unfounded. That would be a little crazy. And a post for a different kind of blog.

I was people-watching. Or people-hearing as it were. And that’s why I giggled.

Two boys, well men, were smoking cigarettes and chatting in front of a campus building. As I passed them, this is what I heard:

Manboy 1: hahahahaha

Manboy 2: Yeah man, I’ll just get drunk on Wednesday and go to AA on Thursday. No Problem.

Manboy 1: hahahaha

Then today, as I headed to kickboxing (don’t be impressed, the instructor didn’t show up so I grabbed lunch instead), I heard another snippet. But this time it was two women speaking.

Woman 1: Yeah I loved that one.

Woman 2: My favorite is a A Well Hung Jury. It’s really good.

Woman 1: Ohhh, I haven’t seen that one.

I assume they were speaking of movies…of sorts. I didn’t google it though. For several reasons.

Thank you people for speaking loudly and in snippets. I’d apologize for quoting you out of context, but I fear the context would only allow for more judging. It’s just more fun this way.