Hope for More

Day 7: December 18, 2013

Experience significant disappointment. Go home, and make peace with a bottle of wine you opened three weeks ago, corked, and forgot about.

Google “will three-week old wine make me sick” just in case. Become alarmed that you’re Googling this, because maybe it’s a warning sign of alcoholism? Realize that if you were an alcoholic, you wouldn’t have wine that’s three weeks old.

Aim to do better; wasted wine isn’t good for anyone. And this tastes terrible. But it won’t hurt you, according to the Internet.

And also, remember hope. Be grateful for a long break from all that stresses, and hope for a brand new year with a brand new start. Fix your stark hair and listen to Semisonic if you need to.

Translation: Twenty-five is about hope. 25 is also trusting the Internet over your better judgment. (There’s hope you’ll revisit this one before turning 26.)


Writer’s Note: This post is part of a larger series called “Learning Twenty-Five.”