Update + Upcoming Event

Hi Everyone,

I’ve started many-a-blogs and letters to you over the last three months to no avail. Like me, they’re just not sure what they want to be yet. So, here’s a boring-but-informational blog for you:

Notes from My Phone* has had a lot of publicity since November. If you’ve missed any of that, it might be because you don’t follow me on Facebook. But not to worry, you can fix that here or check out any of the links below.

Also, you can still get your copy of Notes* from Mason Jar Press. If you’ve already got your copy and you loved it, consider reviewing it here? If you’ve already got your copy, and you hated it, consider buying another one just be sure. Sometimes things don’t take the first time.

Finally, if you are in the Baltimore area (or you have lots of frequent flyer miles), I hope you’ll join me, the Black Ladies Brunch Collective, and Mason Jar Press for a special event on Wednesday, April 19. Full details available here.

That’s it for now. Thanks for all the amazing support these last six months–you know who you are.


Bird in Hand, 2016
Photo from Book Release on Dec. 6 at Bird in Hand in Baltimore.


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