Cyber Monday, Double Birthdays, and Shameless Promotion

Hello Friends.

If you missed my Thanksgiving post, please check that out here. If you’ve already read that and are fairly sure you don’t want to read it again for old times’ sake, proceed with the rest of this post.

Notes From My Phone* officially turns two years old on Dec. 6. It’s a toddler now. And I turn 30 on Dec. 12. I’m a grown up now.Notes-Front-Web

In honor of these birthdays and the holiday season and wanting to sell books, I’m using this opportunity to lower prices! Seriously though folks, if you haven’t read Notes* or if you haven’t read lava, do yourself (and all your friends) a favor and purchase both books this holiday season. Both severely discounted until Dec. 7:

Online Store

Amazon eBooks

And while you’re doing yourself a favor, here’s a birthday plea: rate and review both books on Amazon and Goodreads. 

People are always asking me what’s next. They ask me about “getting to the next level.” What project am I working on? The truth, people, is that writers like me (and there are hundreds of thousands of us) depend on reviews to get our books in the hands of people who might love it. Otherwise, we exhaust ourselves and our same network (that’s you) with each book we write. So what I’m saying is, by reviewing the book now, you’re saving yourself from many of these “please help me” posts in the future.

Junot Cover_04.17.14_Front Only

So do yourself a favor and buy my book(s). And then do me and future-you a favor and rate both of them (even if you read them years ago!) on Amazon and Goodreads.

Yes, both of these are really favors to me, but it’s my birthday, y’all. It’s either this or the miniature giraffe I’ve always wanted.

(Honestly, I will take either.)

Happy shopping!