First Timer’s Guide to First Class

In honor of my sister’s “leaving on a jet plane” yesterday, I’ve decided it’s time to wrap up this travel blog mini-series. I realize that there has been a significant delay between posts, but delays happen, folks. Please accept these vouchers good for two future blogs (gratuities, of course, not included). *** As a rule, ...

Swapping Life Stories with Strangers

As someone who really enjoys their quiet, internal time, I can assure you that I do not make these new airplane-friends on purpose. I think I must just have a face that says, “Tell me your life story beginning with your most traumatic memory, because I’ll listen.”

Delayed Observations

My flight was delayed in November. It happens. Especially in November. And December, too. And then there’re the summer months because everyone’s going on vacation. Oh, and holiday weekends cause a bit of trouble as well. There’s the occasional weather delay—if not here, it’s where you’re headed. And who hasn’t experienced the “there’s something wrong ...

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