Michelle Junot

Celebrating Our 4-Year Anniversary

Today marks the 4-year anniversary of me "defining the relationship" with Maryland. After a tumultuous two days at the MVA, we started on this path that I've largely not regretted (except during Mardi Gras week each year when I question... Continue Reading →


Beyond Everything that Isn’t

In the last three months, I’ve traveled to Van Buren, AR; Santa Monica, CA; Long Beach, CA; Newport Beach, CA; Laguna Beach, CA; Hilton Head, SC; Pittsburgh, PA; and Fayetteville, AR. Before the summer's out, I will have gone on... Continue Reading →

Update + Upcoming Event

Hi Everyone, I've started many-a-blogs and letters to you over the last three months to no avail. Like me, they're just not sure what they want to be yet. So, here's a boring-but-informational blog for you: Notes from My Phone*... Continue Reading →

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