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Rinse the Damn Dish

“Rinse the Damn Dish” is an essay that originally appeared in and the floor was always lava in May 2014. It was published again the Deep South Magazine in November 2018. You can read the piece here or buy your copy of and the floor was always lava.       Advertisements

Conversation, Instead of Monologue: Why Art Book Review

If you’re a self-identified artist, writer, or musician who’s ever wondered: “Why the hell am I doing this?” — then Eleanor Davis’ Why Art? is for you. The 200-page graphic work, put out by Fantagraphics Books, tackles this question by exploring many of the aspects, purposes, and forms of art with humor, poignant observation, and ...

Making the Unreal, Real: Book Review of Gravity Changes

Full book review available at Atticus Review. Zach Powers’ remarkable debut collection, Gravity Changes, will remind you why you learned to read in the first place. The book, winner of the BOA Short Fiction Prize, is composed of nineteen short stories that are equal parts magic, humor, cleverness, and heartbreak.

Inner Loop Radio, Episode 7

In Episode 7 of The Inner Loop’s podcast, Inner Loop Radio, Michelle is featured reading one of her favorite pieces from Notes From My Phone* that explores lucid dreaming of the grandfather she never knew. It’s a great episode about the art of shorter works full of really great fellow writers reading their work and ...

My Big Little Break (Barrelhouse Magazine)

In a piece published on Nov. 15, 2017, Michelle answers Barrelhouse’s questions about the first piece she ever had published including how it felt and what she’s learned since that initial publication. You can read the full interview here.

When You Don’t Feel Like It

In August 2017, Michelle wrote a personal essay exploring the ways she’s missed the entire point of service. After experiencing a personal heartbreak, Michelle decided to “help others,” but in a self-sentered way that led to a beautiful, albeit humbling experience. You can reach the entire essay here.

Baltimore’s 15 Best Places to Write

On July 17, 2017, Michelle published a list of the 15 Best Places to Write in Baltimore in BmoreArt. With the help of a handful of other local writers and yelp reviews, Michelle identified 15 coffeeshops that are freelance-friendly. She considered things like parking, varied area throughout the city, decor, types of food, etc. Read the entire ...

Notes From My Phone*

In Notes From My Phone* (Mason Jar Press, 2016), Junot opens up her phone and her life to you. This collection of essays, to-do lists, vignettes, reminders and dreams mixes heart-felt memoir with the everyday marginalia that makes up a twenty-something’s life and day planner. The everyday is placed side-by-side with the universal, and in ...

Down by the Bay

Michelle had the opportunity to interview interior designer Erin Paige about her Michelle had the opportunity to interview interior designer Erin Paige about her Chesapeake Bay retreat in Pasadena, Maryland. The article was published in the July/August 2016 issue of Baltimore Style. You can read the entire article here.