“As a memoirist, Junot has a unique gift, the ability to seamlessly write from the perspective of childhood innocence while including mature, adult insights.”
–Dustin Fisher, author of Daddy Issues

“I would recommend this collection to anyone who was ever a child. Junot has a rare talent to make readers laugh on one page and wipe misty eyes on the next. Simply put, “and the floor was alway lava” is a heralding debut.”
–Ian Anderson, author of These Things Do Happen

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and the floor was always lava is a collection of memories
(or essays, if you’re into that kind of thing).

Michelle, the twenty-four year old narrator, reflects back to her four year old self, placing her memories in the context of all she’s learned since they occurred. The collection is a unique twist on the classic “coming of age” story, in which Michelle explores and sorts through the pieces of her life that have changed with time and growth, and the pieces that are different, but kind of the same.


and the floor was always lava
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And the Floor was Always Lava