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Six-Year Fix

In March 2016, Michelle had the pleasure of touring the beautiful home of Baltimore artist Lat Naylor for an interview in Baltimore STYLE. You can read take a look at the photos and read the full post here.   Advertisements

Tapping Into This Year’s Trends

Michelle explored the new trends in bathroom design for the March 2016 issue of Baltimore STYLE. You can read the full article here.  

Future Tense

For the Baltimore STYLE piece “Future Tense,” Michelle had the opportunity to interview local Baltimore Artist Michelle Dickson. Dickson’s beautiful, part-physical/part-emphemeral art has had a huge impact on Junot’s writing and view of art to this day. Read the full piece from Baltimore STYLE here. 

Size Doesn’t Matter

Michelle took on look at Interior Designer Elizabeth Reich’s “Baltimore Bachelor Pad,” for Baltimore STYLE in December 2015. The article highlighted the ways the designer maximized the small space for luxurious city living. You can read the full piece here.  

60 Thoughts on Your Birthday: A Letter to My Father

To mark the occasion of her father’s 60th birthday, Michelle started writing a letter. It quickly turned into a long, listing poem or a lyrical essay or some hybrid of the two. Although the piece is personal in nature, it quickly became one of Michelle’s favorite pieces to date. You can read the full piece ...

and the floor was always lava

You can buy your copy of and the floor was always lava in the online store or via Amazon Kindle. ___ In her debut collection, Michelle, the twenty-four year old narrator, reflects back to her four-year-old self, placing her memories in the context of all she’s learned since they occurred. The collection is a unique twist on ...

All My Pets are Dead

In perhaps her most-recognizable essay, “All My Pets are Dead” Michelle chronicles the memories of her very-dead pets with offbeat humor and surprisingly-poingant moments that will take anyone back to the heart of their childhood and first lessons of death. The essay originally appeared in University of Baltimore’s Plorkology: Poems, Stories, and Essays, 2013 and then in ...