Day 26: January 6

It’s Sunday; get your butt out of bed. Seriously, get up. Get dressed for church. Put real effort in, and by that I mean you can still wear jeans, but maybe wear boots that don’t have massive holes in the heels (when are you going to let those shoes die by the way?).

Realize, as you’re getting into your car, that there’s this whole “freezing rain” situation. You don’t really know what this entails (I mean, you can guess), but your neighbor spots you slipping and sliding just walking and suggests that maybe you pray from home today. Maybe freezing rain is no joke.

Spend your day making books and cooking something southern for the after Christmas party you’re hosting tonight. (You should have started these books before you got the flu. It’s really difficult to finish these with zero energy.)

Translation: Twenty-five is learning how to handle winter and finding another pair of black boots that won’t let ice come in contact with your stocking-feet. (Those are related goals). It’s also endeavoring to be the kind of person that not only thinks of great gifts, but also the kind of person that executes them on time. Stop being the girl that starts all presents with, “So what happened was…”

Day 22: January 2

Stay in bed. Or on the couch. Or on the cold floor between the living room and your bedroom. Because the dusty wood feels good on your feverish face.

Oh, and clean your floor. You’ve really fallen down on the job (pun very much intended) lately. Where’s your OCD-perfectionist-type-A persona been hiding?

Don’t admit you have the flu just yet. Tell people it’s some kind of cold or something. But you’re still fine for the party you hosting on Sunday.

Translation:Twenty-five is sleeping on the floor. And being concerned about this only as it relates to your housekeeping habits rather than its larger implications of your life choices.

Day 19: December 30

Brace yourself. It’s another day with Delta.

But this time, you’re too forlorn to make detailed notes about the experience. Because vacation’s over. It’s time to get back to all those things you’re avoiding back in Baltimore. It’s time to go home. Back to real life.

But remember, that’s joyous! You like Baltimore. (Even if you’ve yet to convince your landlord the value of a dog.)

You drag your feet through the airport like a pouting child, willing your four-hour layover to move quickly. It declines.

In the meantime, you continue with the email and hard drive clean up you’ve been pursuing all week.

You come across a folder labeled “for the blog.” You remember this as the folder you’ve been putting stuff in for the blog. You open it and realize that you’ve been slacking. You haven’t posted any of this stuff. And really, it’s not so much “stuff” as it is “photos that made you laugh.”

Whelp, better late than never, right?

Photo of Baltimore Roads
This is how our lanes are repainted in Baltimore. I’m in the correct part of the “old lane” at a stop light. When I go, I have to jump over to those newly painted lines. Yeah, okay.