Day 28: January 8

Go back to work after a long, long break. It’s exhausting. You’re exhausted. But! check your email at exactly the right time and finally sign up for Baltimore Print Studio’s letter press workshop for February. Get excited. And then get in bed, because Dude, you are still sick.

Translation: Twenty-five is letter pressing. Beautiful, nerdy letter pressing.


Day 29: January 9

Take on a new responsibility at work: line up the graduates by shouting their name and telling them where to go. Realize, only as you begin shouting, that you are the worst at pronouncing strangers’ names. Try to compensate by saying, “He-blah-ble-blah over here! And I’m sorry. Really sorry. Don’t worry, I don’t call the names on stage. And congratulations!”

Day 19: December 30

Brace yourself. It’s another day with Delta.

But this time, you’re too forlorn to make detailed notes about the experience. Because vacation’s over. It’s time to get back to all those things you’re avoiding back in Baltimore. It’s time to go home. Back to real life.

But remember, that’s joyous! You like Baltimore. (Even if you’ve yet to convince your landlord the value of a dog.)

You drag your feet through the airport like a pouting child, willing your four-hour layover to move quickly. It declines.

In the meantime, you continue with the email and hard drive clean up you’ve been pursuing all week.

You come across a folder labeled “for the blog.” You remember this as the folder you’ve been putting stuff in for the blog. You open it and realize that you’ve been slacking. You haven’t posted any of this stuff. And really, it’s not so much “stuff” as it is “photos that made you laugh.”

Whelp, better late than never, right?

Photo of Baltimore Roads
This is how our lanes are repainted in Baltimore. I’m in the correct part of the “old lane” at a stop light. When I go, I have to jump over to those newly painted lines. Yeah, okay.