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Catching My Breath

Life is different now. It’s different from what it was before. And I already know what you’re thinking: Michelle. Life is always different. It’s in its nature. Agreed, but listen. Right now, today and the last six months, it’s big different. And yes, I’ve been avoiding you. I’ve been avoiding you and this coffee shop ...


I Still Write, Y’all

Oh undefined audience, how I’ve neglected you so! I didn’t forget about y’all exactly, I only forgot that I do this thing called blogging from time to time. As always when I return from such sabbaticals, I wanted to give you a preview of things to come:  The MVA & What I Learned There (i.e. ...

Winter, We Need to Talk

Dear Winter, The reds, oranges, and yellows of November are grey and blue and soft shades of brown because of you. It’s April now, and my sundresses sit in my closet still, waiting, while my sweaters stretch and move around me each day, uninterested in keeping their shape as I shrink mine. Even the cherry ...