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Happy Birthday, Notes*!

This week marks one year since the official release of Notes From My Phone*. You can win a free book by sharing Notes on social media in one or more of these ways:

  1. Share your favorite entry/page via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and use #NotesFromMyPhone to help us keep these all in one place.
  2. Using #NotesFromMyPhone, share one of the notes from your phone that’s an unedited view into your life.
  3. Throughout the week, I’ll be posting an entry from the book you can use as a writing prompt. If you want to share it, you can use #NotesFromMyPhone along with the specific hashtag for each prompt.

Learn more on the blog.


It’s been a busy fall! Thank you to everyone who came out to readings in D.C., Pittsburgh, Shreveport, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. Stay tuned for 2018 events.

In the meantime, consider reviewing Notes From My Phone* on Amazon or Goodreads. Or just tell all your friends in your own way.



Michelle Junot is the author Notes From My Phone* a self-portrait in her twenties, and of and the floor was always lava, a collection of essays exploring childhood and memory.

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