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Celebrating Our 4-Year Anniversary

Today marks the 4-year anniversary of me "defining the relationship" with Maryland. After a tumultuous two days at the MVA, we started on this path that I've largely not regretted (except during Mardi Gras week each year when I question why I'm at work, not making myself sick on bloody marys and king cake.)

Catching My Breath

Life is different now. It’s different from what it was before. And I already know what you’re thinking: Michelle. Life is always different. It’s in its nature. Agreed, but listen. Right now, today and the last six months, it’s big different. And yes, I’ve been avoiding you. I’ve been avoiding you and this coffee shop ...

Without Her Diadem

Winter has come and humbled me. And if I’m being honest, it arrived months ago. I’ve just been too busy learning how to dress myself to finish this blog post. Last year’s winter seduced me, made me fall in love with the city under false pretenses: mild snow flurries, steam coming from the steam grates, ...