Same Sky, Different City

Enter One Year Later. Everything’s changed. Everything’s the same. And I’m still writing.

Michelle Junot

In August 2011, I moved to Baltimore to the general astonishment (and in some cases, horror) of my family and friends. I braved the downtown traffic for a year, and then three months ago, I moved a little further north. I knew this second move would mean change—a bedroom door, a backyard, a nicer drive to work, and a landlord I couldn’t talk to without stumbling over my words—but when I signed the lease, I had no expectation of anything beyond a more northern view of Baltimore’s light rail.

Enter change. Macro change. Change for the better. Unexpected. Challenging. Enter beauty. Enter Grace. New friendships. Relationships. People I barely know. Enter questions. Lots of questions. Questions about who I am, what I believe, what I’m doing with the rest of my life. Questions I couldn’t answer without long pauses and “uhhh’s” and “well, you see’s…”

“What do you do?”


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