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Hello Friends,

Here are some Monday morning updates:

  1. I wrote a piece this week in honor of my father’s 60th birthday. A lot of people seemed to like it. You should give it a go if you haven’t already: 60 Thoughts on Your Birthday: A Letter to My Father
  2. and the floor was always lava is in its second printing. The printer has the files, and soon, I’ll have a whole new batch of books! In the meantime, you can actually pre-order your signed copy in order to receive free shipping (plus, the book is now only $10)!
  3. The next two dates for Writers & Words (formerly Whiskey & Words) have been set:Tuesday, Nov. 11 & Tuesday, Dec. 9 at 7:30pm
    Artifact Coffee

    More information will be available early next week! We have 8 amazing writers that we can’t wait to announce!


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Michelle Junot is a writer, designer and copy editor in Baltimore, Maryland. She is the author of Notes From My Phone* as well as and the floor was always lava.

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