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Lost Dog: Days of September

Day 271 LeeLoo, the family dog, is missing. Well actually, she’s not the family’s dog. She’s your brother’s dog, but she’s been your brother’s dog for about 11 years now. So really, if we’re all being honest, your weird, furry sister is missing for three days now. You feel the familiar feelings of dead and ...

60 Thoughts on Your Birthday: A Letter to My Father

Hey Dad, So listen. I was going to surprise you and fly to Lafayette, but Ashlie beat me to it. And what’s worse, she brought an adorable grandkid. I can’t top that. (Although, if I came home with a grandkid, you would be surprised.) Then I thought I’d make you a book and mail one ...


Learning Twenty-Five: A Prequel

My birthday is kind of a big deal. I’m obnoxious about it, really. When I was four, my parents made the mistake of bringing an almost-five-year-old to the happiest place on earth: Disney World. I spent the entire trip asking about my birthday party that would take place back in Louisiana at the end of ...