Category: Translating Twenty-Five

These posts explore what it means to be twenty-five.

Or rather, they attempt to translate the chaos of my life to “definitions of twenty-five.” It’s a quest of sorts (although, not one really supports me calling it that). I don’t know what I’ll find, but I hope to discover adventure along the way.


One Year and Two Days Later: The In-Between

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! This is may not be a love-post, per se, but I was reminded of it this weekend and it feels right today. I hope you all enjoy a love- and joy-filled day no matter where God has you now. (This essay has since been published by The Avenue.) Advertisements


Thankful for Life Unedited

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! If you’re reading this, then I suspect you may be glued to your iphone or ipad or other internet-connected device, avoiding uncomfortable political confrontations with your families. You’re welcome. 2. I am not going there. 3. You’re welcome, again. In keeping with my blog-post refrain, I’ve been meaning to write this for ...


Taking Notes

Last weekend I found myself in a place that I used to call home. (Or maybe not home exactly, as I never completely found my place in that place, but the address where bills were sent, my car was parked, and art was made.) It was weird recognizing the place and not knowing it simultaneously. ...