With Renewed Gusto

I just finished my first round of edits for my “Self-Portrait” collection that’s coming out Fall 2016 with Mason Jar Press. It’s strange process to edit the emotional roller coaster that’s been my life since I moved to Baltimore in 2011, but it’s really neat to see what God’s done in my life memorialized this way.
One small preview of the body of work and one of my favorites thus far:

June 20, 2014| 7:50 am

The way water spills more heavily to one side than the other
How can so much happen between two Sundays
It’s strange that we should plant flowers purposefully
The idea of robots and missing something
We are missing something big
The quest for Atlantis
Age-old challenge to not take things for granted.  It hits hard, with a force.
It rolls over like waves, with renewed gusto

More info coming soon!


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Michelle Junot is a writer, designer and copy editor in Baltimore, Maryland. She is the author of Notes From My Phone* as well as and the floor was always lava.

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