Winter, We Need to Talk

This seemed appropriate for today’s Throwback Thursday. Continuing with a new post from Self Portrait: Notes from my Phone tomorrow!

Michelle Junot

Dear Winter,

The reds, oranges, and yellows of November are grey and blue and soft shades of brown because of you. It’s April now, and my sundresses sit in my closet still, waiting, while my sweaters stretch and move around me each day, uninterested in keeping their shape as I shrink mine.

Even the cherry blossoms are still hiding, although we drove an hour to wake them. The city threw a whole festival in their honor, and still, they sleep. Did you know about this? Are you responsible?

Perhaps tomorrow’s first Farmer’s Market will sell Spring to us in little green boxes marked $3 or 2 for $5. I’ll take two—give you one if you’d like. I think it pairs well with strawberries. You’ll love it; just take the day off and come with me.

And listen: afterward, maybe you can move on. I know. It’s difficult, because I promised…

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