This is the first version of this essay that later appeared in my book, and the floor was always lava, (on sale for $1 in honor of its birthday this week! Check “1st Birthday Sale”

Michelle Junot

Life is different now.

It’s different from what it was before.

And I already know what you’re thinking: Michelle. Life is always different. It’s in its nature.

Agreed, but listen. Right now, today and the last six months, it’s big different.

And yes, I’ve been avoiding you. I’ve been avoiding you and this coffee shop and my favorite latte, because life is different. I can’t sit here and write about something else until I can first deal with all this differentness.


I belong to Maryland, now. Write about the MVA! everyone keeps telling me. You really want to know? Part of me died there, and I’ll never get it back.

There were non-helpful employees that kept changing the rules on me, I went broke for a plastic card and two metal plates, and some lady unceremoniously cut my Louisiana license in front of me. Well, that just happened…

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