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I’m going to catch up with the learning twenty-five blog series soon (preview: dating can be miserably awkward and there’s a mouse in my house), but in the meantime, I wanted to give you an official I-wrote-a-book-and-stuff update.

  • There’s a book review and everything.
    “As a memoirist, Junot has a unique gift, the ability to seamlessly write from the perspective of childhood innocence while including mature, adult insights. Her prose invites readers to view the world through the eyes of a child, while simultaneously granting a bird’s eye perspective of life events.”

–Dustin Fisher, author of Daddy Issues

You can read Dustin Fisher’s full review of and the floor was always lava on Monologging.

  •  There’s also a  book trailer.
    I have an amazingly talented friend named Brian Wilcox who created this beautiful book trailer:
  • There are two versions of the book. (Of course there are. It’s me.)
    The book is amazing all on its own in a limited edition form (only 198 copies available), but there’s also a special limited edition that includes a handmade appendix of illustrations. There are fewer of these (30ish and counting–but not more than 48).
  • Both versions of the book are on sale.
    You can buy the limited edition (the book only) for $15 plus shipping. Or, you can buy the special limited edition (with the handmade appendix) here for $20 plus shipping. Or, you can come to a reading or buy the book from me in-person if, you know, we know each other and stuff.
  • Free shipping if you pre-order before May 9. (That’s not really a sentence.)
    There’s not really an explanation needed for this point, but the line felt naked without one.
  • You can hear me read from the book in public on purpose.

MFA Reading and Book Signing
May 9, 2014 at 7pm
University of Baltimore, Student Center
21 W. Mt. Royal Ave., Baltimore, MD 21201

Wine & Words: A House Reading
Details Forthcoming

 If you still have questions, email me at

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