Dreams Realized, Sorta

Day 28: January 8

Go back to work after a long, long break. It’s exhausting. You’re exhausted. But! check your email at exactly the right time and finally sign up for Baltimore Print Studio’s letter press workshop for February. Get excited. And then get in bed, because Dude, you are still sick.

Translation: Twenty-five is letter pressing. Beautiful, nerdy letter pressing.


Day 29: January 9

Take on a new responsibility at work: line up the graduates by shouting their name and telling them where to go. Realize, only as you begin shouting, that you are the worst at pronouncing strangers’ names. Try to compensate by saying, “He-blah-ble-blah over here! And I’m sorry. Really sorry. Don’t worry, I don’t call the names on stage. And congratulations!”

But hey, it’s all good. Because you wore a blazer, you got a walkie-talkie, a headset, and a code name for the day.

Translation: Twenty-five is childhood secret service dreams realized.


Day 30: January 10

Wake up, go to work, and go back home. Because you have the immune system of an 80 year old.

Translation: Twenty-five is ugh.


Day 31: January 11

It’s Saturday! But you’re still sick. So it doesn’t matter.

Translation: See Day 30


Writer’s Note: This post is part of a larger series called “Learning Twenty-Five.”