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Is it Nice to Meet You?

Day 262 | August 30 You opened your eyes today. Or rather, your eyes were opened for you. And when you looked around, when you examined the goings-on of your life, you realized that you don’t have a single thing to complain about. Not a single thing. There are things you want, sure. There are ...


5 Updates from an Almost-26 Year Old (They’re connected; I promise.)

Hey People, Normally I reserve Mondays for updates, but I reserved this past Monday for being bitter about winter. So here we are. There are some exciting things coming up and an opportunity to win a prize–a prize!–just for giving me attention: 1. The Holiday Sale [FYI. I’m calling this a holiday sale because it ...


Lost Dog: Days of September

Day 271 LeeLoo, the family dog, is missing. Well actually, she’s not the family’s dog. She’s your brother’s dog, but she’s been your brother’s dog for about 11 years now. So really, if we’re all being honest, your weird, furry sister is missing for three days now. You feel the familiar feelings of dead and ...