5 Updates from an Almost-26 Year Old (They’re connected; I promise.)

Hey People,

Normally I reserve Mondays for updates, but I reserved this past Monday for being bitter about winter. So here we are. There are some exciting things coming up and an opportunity to win a prize–a prize!–just for giving me attention:

1. The Holiday Sale

photo 2[FYI. I’m calling this a holiday sale because it spans Thanksgiving, My Birthday (proper noun), Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. If it was a Christmas sale, I would call it a Christmas sale. Because words still mean things. And so does Christmas.]

Through December 31, 2014, a hard copy of and the floor was always lava is listed at $9 + free shipping. There’s also an option to buy multiple quantities at once now, so this is a great place to buy copies for friends and other people you like. Additionally, the ebook version is on sale for $4.99.

Click here for more details about the holiday sale.

2. Plork Award + an appendix of illustrations

Thanks to the UB MFA department for not only presenting me with this award, but presenting it so beautifully! I mean, com'on. That thing has feathers, People.
Thanks to the UB MFA department for not only presenting me with this award, but presenting it so beautifully! I mean, com’on. That thing has feathers, y’all.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve failed to follow up with actual evidence. I, or rather and the floor was always lava and its appendix of illustrations won the University of Baltimore’s Plork Award back in May.

Thanks to the UB MFA department for not only presenting me with this award, but presenting it so beautifully! I mean, com'on. That thing has feathers, People.

This Friday, I’m going to post the “making of” the appendix of illustrations with a chance to win a copy of the complete special edition with both the limited edition and appendix. There will also be 2 or 3 available to purchase if you missed your chance in May.

3. I’m about to turn 26. What?

Last year, I started my 25th year with a birthday reflection and a promise to spend this year figuring out what it meant to be 25. Luckily, I still have three weeks to do so.

Michelle's 4th Birthday
I think this was my fourth birthday. Or maybe someone else’s birthday. Still, I look festive.

From now until the end of December, be looking for the rest of the Translating 25 posts to hit the website, and then in March 2015, be looking for the completed, edited collection of reflections (or essays, if you’re into that kind of thing).

Here are a few lessons learned thus far:

Day 56 | Translation: Twenty-five is admitting you need help. Even with basic tasks. And having friends good enough to unstick your scarf from your jacket-coat zipper without running the jacket-coat or your friendship.

Day 271 | Tranlsation: Twenty-five is briefly living upside down with fake snow pouring down and then back up around you before you can ever get your footing. (Oh, it’s also living in a hard plastic dome that you don’t see until you bang your head into it. So, you know, be careful.)

Day 32 | Translation: Twenty-five is online dating. For at least five months longer than you intended.

Day 252 | Translation: Twenty-five is letting go of some of your less-than-realistic expectations, making your own rules (where applicable), and throwing out the timeline.

Day 30 | Translation: Twenty-five is ugh.

4. First-timer’s Guide to First Class

First Timer's GuideA few years ago, I self-published a mini-ebook about travel as part of a school project. (You can still get that book for a tweet or a  $1 here.)

Since writing this collection, I’ve learned a lot about writing, a bit about life, and I’ve also decided to stay in Baltimore. Because of that last bit, traveling has changed from being a way to solve a temporary problem to a necessary means of making this lifestyle work. But in a good way! (Yeah, I didn’t spin that well.)

In any case, I’m realizing that the physical act of traveling–buying a plane ticket, packing a bag, driving to the airport, winding my way through security, getting on a plane, and feeling the ground leave my feet–has had a more profound effect on who I am than just “this funny thing happened.” So, I’m re-editing and amending the collection to reflect these new insights. That collection will be available this Spring.

5. Writers & Words Reading Series

Finally, I have a pretty exciting update to share with the world. Local fiction writer, Mike Tager, and I have started a reading series we’re calling Writers & Words. It’s been a huge success due to the great support from our friends and local writing community.


We’d first like to say THANK YOU for everyone who’s supported in any way, shape, or form and, second, we’d love to invite you to our next scheduled event:

December | Artifact Coffee, Hampden

Tuesday, December 9 @ 7:30pm
1500 Union Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211

featuring Mychael Zulauf | Amanda Ponder | Judith Krummeck | D. Watkins


That’s it for this Wednesday morning, folks. Thanks for following.