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Is it Nice to Meet You?

Day 262 | August 30 You opened your eyes today. Or rather, your eyes were opened for you. And when you looked around, when you examined the goings-on of your life, you realized that you don’t have a single thing to complain about. Not a single thing. There are things you want, sure. There are ...


5 Updates from an Almost-26 Year Old (They’re connected; I promise.)

Hey People, Normally I reserve Mondays for updates, but I reserved this past Monday for being bitter about winter. So here we are. There are some exciting things coming up and an opportunity to win a prize–a prize!–just for giving me attention: 1. The Holiday Sale [FYI. I’m calling this a holiday sale because it ...


Failing, Learning, & Getting Stuck in Jacket-Coats at 25

Day 252: August 20 You failed. You set out to learn something new each day of your twenty-fifth year, recording the details for the world to know (even though no one asked for this information), and you didn’t do it. Well, I should say, you didn’t record the details as you promised, it’s clear, even ...