Ornament Spinners and Other Important Matters

Day 16: December 27

Repeat Day 15 except this time, don’t try to fool yourself with a pathetic run. It’s vacation. There are still left overs to be had. And you’re facing the last days with this puppy:

photo 1

Don't Leave Me!
Don’t Leave Me!

Because A) you’re leaving in two days and B) the puppy is growing rapidly by the day. She’s gained five pounds since you’ve been here. (To be fair, though, you probably have, too.)

Translation: Twenty-five is making peace with vacation days, because they don’t happen often. So enjoy them while you can. No guilt allowed.


Day 17: December 28

Enjoy a day of record-breaking errand running with your sister for the second time this week. Discover these gems:

How did we have Christmas without these?
How did we have Christmas without these?

photo 2(1)

Judge the people who buy either (or both!) of those products. Secretly wish that you were the person that invented one (or both!) of those products, because—hey, people are buying them.

End the day with bowling. Because most days should be ended with bowling.

Translation: Twenty-five is bowling and beginning the portion of life known as “I should have invented that!”


Day 18: December 29

Enjoy your final day in Fayetteville taking more photos of the growing puppy and planning for the coming baby Hilbun.

Spend an hour trying to pack everything you bought here into the tiny suitcase you’re borrowing because you’re still too cheap to buy your own luggage.

Translation: Twenty-five is doing research, saving money, and buying grown-up luggage. Seriously dude, make it happen.


Writer’s Note: This post is part of a larger series called “Learning Twenty-Five.”