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Going Home: Better Late than Never

Day 19: December 30 Brace yourself. It’s another day with Delta. But this time, you’re too forlorn to make detailed notes about the experience. Because vacation’s over. It’s time to get back to all those things you’re avoiding back in Baltimore. It’s time to go home. Back to real life. But remember, that’s joyous! You ...


Ornament Spinners and Other Important Matters

Day 16: December 27 Repeat Day 15 except this time, don’t try to fool yourself with a pathetic run. It’s vacation. There are still left overs to be had. And you’re facing the last days with this puppy:


Puppies are Productivity Killers

Day 12: December 23 Sleep in. You read that right. Wake up when your body is ready to wake up instead of only after hitting the snooze button on your obnoxious alarm seven times. (By the way, there are other sounds you could choose besides “hateful buzzer.”) Grab a cup of comfort-coffee (the kind of ...