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Failing, Learning, & Getting Stuck in Jacket-Coats at 25

Day 252: August 20 You failed. You set out to learn something new each day of your twenty-fifth year, recording the details for the world to know (even though no one asked for this information), and you didn’t do it. Well, I should say, you didn’t record the details as you promised, it’s clear, even ...


Sleep-Notes and Double Yolks

Day 36: January 16 You slept terribly last night, bad dreams, waking up every few hours, sheets in tangles. But, this is actually normal for you. So really, you slept normally last night. And hey, dude, what’s the deal with your iPhone clutched in your hand? You always sleep like that? Check it out. You ...


Online Dating with Walking Pneumonia

Day 32: January 12 Get out of the house for church and brunch, because church always makes you feel better and brunch is delicious. Joke that you have walking pneumonia or something. Notice that people laugh uncomfortably and move their chairs a little further from you than normal. Overhear a conversation you weren’t supposed to ...