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Failing, Learning, & Getting Stuck in Jacket-Coats at 25

Day 252: August 20 You failed. You set out to learn something new each day of your twenty-fifth year, recording the details for the world to know (even though no one asked for this information), and you didn’t do it. Well, I should say, you didn’t record the details as you promised, it’s clear, even ...


Dreams Realized, Sorta

Day 28: January 8 Go back to work after a long, long break. It’s exhausting. You’re exhausted. But! check your email at exactly the right time and finally sign up for Baltimore Print Studio’s letter press workshop for February. Get excited. And then get in bed, because Dude, you are still sick. Translation: Twenty-five is ...


Delicious Shots of Nature

Day 26: January 6 It’s Sunday; get your butt out of bed. Seriously, get up. Get dressed for church. Put real effort in, and by that I mean you can still wear jeans, but maybe wear boots that don’t have massive holes in the heels (when are you going to let those shoes die by ...