Update: the Radio Interview, an Adorable Kid, and $2.99 eBooks

Hey Groupies,

I have a few really exciting updates to share with you:

Interview with A Kind Voice RadioBlog

Last Wednesday, I was interviewed by Jason Lawrence on his program, A Kind Voice on Books. If you missed it, and if you don’t mind a few extra umms and a few muffled answers (because apparently I still don’t know how to work a phone), you can listen to the podcast here.

There’s a bonus and random “hello” at the beginning of the podcast when we were having technical difficulties that makes me sound British. So, there’s also that to look forward to.It was definitely a stressful experience for this over-thinker, and it certainly sounds like a first interview, but I didn’t die. And that’s what matters.

Adorable Kid Reading and the floor was always lava


This adorable little reader belongs to my good friend, Dustin Fisher, author of | Daddy Issues|
This adorable little reader, Mabel, belongs to my good friend, Dustin Fisher, author of Daddy Issues. Note the socks.

eBook Sale Ends Tomorrow

There are only two more days of the ebook sale! It’s $2.99 today, tomorrow, and then that’s it! Because September only has 30 days and that’s how counting works.
Get yours below:
at Amazon: click here for the kindle version
at Barnes & Noble: click here for the nook version
at Apple: click here for the iBook
at Smashwords: click here

Free Essay with Family Photos

If you haven’t read the book, but you’re curious about it and want to read a later portion for free, take a look at this post on medium from last week:

“All My Pets are Dead” [with photos]

If you’ve already read “All My Pets are Dead,” but you’ve never seen photos of these animals, you may still want to check it out. The photo in Brat the Cat is a pretty great picture.


Upcoming Reading & Whiskey-Drinking

Next week I’ll be reading at Blue Pit BBQ & Whiskey Bar along with three other great Baltimoreans. You should stop by! (This is also a great place to get a signed hard copy for the in-person discount.) Details below:

Lots more stuff in the works, folks, but it’s Monday morning and so let’s pace ourselves, shall we?

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