One more day to win one of these!

Michelle Junot

In May 2014, I published and the floor was always lava as a part of my final fulfillment of my Master in Fine Arts (MFA) degree. The other part of that project was what is known as the handmade element. This limited edition—the printed and published and the floor was always lava coupled with my handmade element, an appendix of illustrations­­—won University of Baltimore’s Plork Award.

Below is a gallery of photos and a collection of thoughts and reflections on the process that created the limited edition.

Click the images for an explanation and notes.

Things I Learned from the Process

I did a lot of sketches and mock-ups of this project, and a lot of things changed along the way which is to be expected. Below are some of the main takeaways I learned:

  • Crayons and Wax Oil Pastels are not the same thing. Wax Oil Pastels are…

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