New Adventures Await

Family, Friends, and Followers,

Almost five years ago, I wrote a letter to my father on his 60th Birthday. While it’s admittedly cringeworthy to quote my own writing (yeah, I’m judging me for it, too), there’s a line in the piece that I’ve repeatedly come back to in recent months:

…sometimes, the next step in life is hard. Sometimes it feels…really scary…But it’s still the next step, and you still have to take it.

Well, friends, it’s time to take the next step. And my goodness, is it scary.

After years of debating, a lot of life has happened in just a couple of months, and I’ve decided to move to Little Rock, Arkansas to be closer to family and start a brand new adventure. 

That’s right, I’m breaking up with Baltimore. (It’s me, not you…except when I’m in traffic on 83 for no reason besides that there’s a curve in the road…then, it’s definitely you.)

I have loved my time in Baltimore. It’s been the first place that was ever “mine.” I’ve grown into a person, here. I’ve fallen in love and had my heart broken (so many times) here. I found faith, here. I wrote my books, here. I somehow ended up with a cat, here. I built everlasting friendships and a community here. I’ve had a rich, amazing life here.

And now I’m blowing it up.

But not really. Part of the reason I feel brave enough to do this—and I do think picking up your life and moving across the country where you’ll have to make new friends, find a new community, and build a new life…on purpose, is brave—is because I’ve had a couple of close friends do the same thing in the last few years.

I’ve seen their struggles and triumphs through their commitment to be vulnerable and honest, and ultimately I’ve witnessed these strong women pursue their dreams and make space for family. Although new chapters come with scary moments, these women are living their best lives in Vegas and North Carolina, respectively. They’ve reminded me it’s okay to take risks. They’ve reignited the love of new adventures that brought me to Baltimore in the first place. 

And y’all, I want some of that.

(And this book that refuses to write itself in Baltimore wants some of that, too.)

So buckle up for this next part of the story, y’all. There’s lots more to say on this front, but I’m existing on the other side of exhausted, and there’s no need to rush this. I’m just getting started.

Stay tuned
(and be ready for my ever-present thoughts on Breaking Up with Baltimore),


We’re not twins. She’s older. Do not tell me we look like twins…I’ll turn this whole life-move around. I swear I will.

P.S. Oh! I also started eating cereal and milk again after an unintended five-year hiatus…life is crazy, y’all!

PP.S. If you haven’t read one or both of my books, consider buying one, now! You’ll be helping me with the moving process in two ways. (Plus they are on sale…like both for $10 sale).

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