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Talking with My Hands

I was fortunate enough to take my writing and craft to two unfamiliar mediums this week: a podcast and video. On Saturday, March 24, I spent the evening talking poetry, craft, workshop, and ferry boats with my good friends Mychael and Ann Marie for the former’s podcast, So…Poetry. It was easily the most fun I’ve ...


Coffee with Comcast

I really appreciate Comcast keeping me updated on their process when we chat on the phone– “okay, Michelle, I’m now pressing the activate button and then we will wait for the signal… I have pressed the signal button so we’ll just wait a little longer… we are now just waiting to see if it reaches ...


5 Updates from an Almost-26 Year Old (They’re connected; I promise.)

Hey People, Normally I reserve Mondays for updates, but I reserved this past Monday for being bitter about winter. So here we are. There are some exciting things coming up and an opportunity to win a prize–a prize!–just for giving me attention: 1. The Holiday Sale [FYI. I’m calling this a holiday sale because it ...