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Happy Birthday, Notes*

Friends, Family, Followers, and the like, I sat down this evening to write a post reflecting on the last year. Wednesday, Dec. 6 marks the one-year anniversary of the official launch of Notes From My Phone*. Tuesday, Dec. 12 marks my 29th birthday and the beginning of the end of my 20s. And Sunday, Dec. ...


Seven Year Assessment

Day 9: December 20, 2013 Wake up, and remember an email you sent seven years ago. An email you sent to all of your family and friends of the time. Remember it being hilarious! And witty. And all kinds of smart. Good thing you saved it. Upon reading the seven-years-ago email, however, you remember significant ...


You’re Killing Me, Smalls

Day 8: December 19, 2013 Enjoy a belated birthday present from a good friend: a trip to the movies to see the Hobbit (spoiler alert: it was amazing). You are both really bad at the timing thing, so you’re running late. Even so, you decide that you must have popcorn and a coke icee. Because ...