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Etymology of Tuesday

Day 6: December 17, 2013 Go to work. Tell someone good morning. Her response will be simple, yet unexpected: you dyed your hair. Say yes, yes you did dye your hair. And that you like it. Because change is good. Everyone needs change some times. She surprises you again with her response: it’s stark. Spend ...

A Monkey with tail feathers like a Turkey

Thanksgiving Throwback

For this week’s blog post, I began writing an essay about children. But it’s not ready. (Spoiler alert: neither am I.) In my effort to explore and research the “kid issue” I decided to sort through all of my old masterpieces kept at my parents’ house in Lafayette. Most of them were just awful—crayon scribbles ...

LOST: Thesis

My family agrees on little in the movie-tv shows-popular culture front, but in recent years there’s been one thing we’ve all rallied around: LOST. There’s plenty to explore here, but I won’t dive into that messy territory. I’ve watched the series LOST at least six times now: I watched it in high school. I watched ...