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Found Poetry in Unlikely Places

From the Post Office Line February 5, 2013 Woman wearing sunglasses—indoors—and tights covered in palm trees with a heavy-looking brown coat with fur trim People in front of me talking Algorithms, and someone else wearing an Amelia Earhart hat 1, 2, 3, 15 people in line The woman behind the desk shouts: “anyone just dropping ...

There’s Always Money in the Flea Market (Except When There Isn’t)

I have this friend—we’ll call her Amanda (because that’s her name). Amanda and I have been compiling a list of things we ought to do in Baltimore this summer: Maryland Crabs Quality Time with My New Apartment & Pool Actually Move Me into My New Apartment (check) Try Raw Oysters (check) Paint Amanda’s Apartment Sushi ...

Letters to Strangers and Other Objects

Dear Lexington Market Thank you for being closed on Sundays and eliminating 98% of all walking traffic. I love being able to pull out of my parking garage and not chance hitting five non-crosswalk-using people. With all the sincerity a letter like this can hold, Your Across the Street Neighbor *** Dear Girl Repeatedly Pulling ...