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Observations about traveling and new adventures.

Nine Cities, Five States, and No Idea What’s Next

Hey Fan People, In May, I traveled to nine cities (five states) in the space of three weeks. In June, I added one more annual business trip and a bonus stay at a resort on a whim, all in the name of clearing my head and regaining focus on the question at hand: What am ...

First Timer’s Guide to First Class

In honor of my sister’s “leaving on a jet plane” yesterday, I’ve decided it’s time to wrap up this travel blog mini-series. I realize that there has been a significant delay between posts, but delays happen, folks. Please accept these vouchers good for two future blogs (gratuities, of course, not included). *** As a rule, ...

Swapping Life Stories with Strangers

As someone who really enjoys their quiet, internal time, I can assure you that I do not make these new airplane-friends on purpose. I think I must just have a face that says, “Tell me your life story beginning with your most traumatic memory, because I’ll listen.”